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Suite includes a coffee maker, tv and refrigerator.


Chicago-Marriot-Suites-Downers-Grove-IL.php hot tub


Hot Tub / in-door out-door pool

Chicago-Marriot-Suites-Downers-Grove-IL lobby


The lobby is very nice. There is also a restraunt for breakfast and dinner or order at the bar!

The Marriott at Downers Grove is a very nice hotel. Downers Grove is primarily used by businesses for training. Company's like Microsoft also have branch offices in the area. There are a reasonable number of shops nearby. The Marriott also gives guests free access to the massive heath club across the street, the hotel also includes a fitness room. If you are looking to stay in Downers Grove IL i would recommend staying at the Marriott. They also have a free shuttle to nearby businesses and events / training.

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