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Just past the poor view the ocean from the Loews bubbling rock garden.


The entry way to the Loews hotel.

Don't feel like being outside on the beach, read the paper and sip some fresh coffee inside.


After a hard day's work, enjoy the posh bar and comfortable seats. Expect a large crowd if the NBA playoffs are on.

Enjoy the Hot Tub and Pool with a view of the ocean.
A waiter will be out shortly to bring you
your drink.

The Loews Hotel was a wonderful experience, with many wonderful people. During my stay, I meet a MTV producer along with a few others. The hotel has a beautiful view of the beach. A superb hot tub and pool and excellent staff. The room was large and had a view of the ocean. Only the Loews would have the foresight to also put a TV in the bathroom.

The food was good, and the bar was wonderful. Waiters also watched the pool area so insure your long island ice tee was promptly served. Overall an excellent stay and highly recommended.

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