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A view from the back of the South Seas Hotel, The Pool from the deck of the bar & restraunt. Sorry the picture was taken on a rainy day! Just a sort walk through the palm tree's and hammocks and you are on Miami beach, relaxing or partying depending on your taste.

The South Seas Hotel Miami Florida is by far not the most expensive hotel on the strip, nore is it the cheapest. The rooms were clean, however not all sides of the hotel have a view, or an ocean view for that matter. One real down side is there is no room service. However, the resort just up the road serves a good breakfast so you are only a minute away.

Everything is in walking distance from this resort. If you are looking to go to clubs you will not have to walk more than 5 minutes. If walking is not your thing, there are taxi's all over the place and the hotel would be happy to call a taxi or a more luxury vehicle to pick you up. We enjoyed both Mansion ( by the Opium Group and Crow bar We also enjoyed an ice cream place called Bacio, you absolutely must try it.

The South Seas Hotel is a good value, many of the other hotels for the price are not as nicely kept and do not have a pool or some of the same amenities. The South Seas Hotel is on the same strip of Hotels as the Loews and all of the other major name hotels in the area, which is not described accurately on some other web sites. If you are looking for a higher price hotel on South Beach I would look to the Loews as it has a fabulous pool area, the other hotels were just not very intriguing for their price.

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