W Hotel New Orleans ( Starwood Hotel ) Review.

333 Poydras St, New Orleans

W Hotel building
The W Hotel New Orleans, Posh Miami Style brought to the "big easy".

W Hotel Lobby

The first floor has a large area for seating and two bars.


W Hotel Pool

The out door pool area is well equipt with an expersize room next door. Order your food and or drinks from the phone by the pool.

W Hotel Room Picture

Rooms come with a medium size TV and DVD player.

The W. Hotel owned by Starwood sits acrost the street from the Loews hotel, and harrah's casino. The hotel is designed in a very Art Deco fashion, a fusion of design and trends. Even your rooml will feel unique. The hotel has wireless internet (as well as the City of New Orleans which overlaps) you are within a 5 minute walk to Burbon Street, with easy access to anything in the city. I would highly recommend considering this trendy Hotel if you plan on visiting New Orleans or any other major city.

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